Due to extreme demand, QUANTUM CCTV is now able to offer the option of reviewing clients footage, offsite, and provide a detailed report on the activities therein.
It is proposed as follows:
  • A client is able to pinpoint which positions / areas need more scrutiny.
  • They would then make a random selection to be reviewed.
  • The footage is downloaded by QUANTUM CCTV onto a removable hard drive
  • After consultation, the client would then determine what search criteria he/she would like CCTV to concentrate on
How is it beneficial?
  • Minimize Shrinkage
  • Additional Security
  • Assist with Human Resources
  • Monitor Health and Safety Regulations
Our DVR's(Digital Video Recorders) are compatible with most ADSL routers and one of the attributes and benefits are offsite or remote monitoring. 
Clients can access the onsite DVR via an internet source and manage the recorded and live video footage. We recommend a min 512 ADSL line rental for a effective up and download speed. The greater the line speed the greater the up and download speed.

RRS is a division of Quantum X CCTV and boasts its very own high-tech video monitoring centre and the latest world class camera transmission systems which allow us to verify all alarms to be true and this react accordingly with informed armed response services.
With Remote Risk Services intruders don’t stand a chance with our camera technology and off site audio warnings. Within seconds our operators have video verification as to what caused the alarm and react simultaneously with the Police and armed response services.
Our systems are always active, with complete power and communication failover.
Combined with experience in the Off-Site Monitoring industry. Alarm Video Verification is our Business.
RRS Business model:  
  • To minimise the human element in perimeter and onsite security by using Off-site VIDEO Transmission Technology. 
  • To centralize & verify all video alarms with informed Armed Response Reaction Services. 
  • To update our clientele on a regular basis with the latest security information gathered from our database of monitored events.
  • To greatly increase our clients security.
  • To enable our clients to maintain their focus on their core business.
ALL Services we offer:
  • Security Risk Assessments.
  • Quotations and designs.
  • Pro Active Perimeter Off-site Monitoring systems (with Bi-directional Audio).
  • Hi Tech Complete Central Monitoring Station to Monitor all your Assets in Businesses, residential areas and remote locations.
  • Short term asset monitoring solutions.
  • Mobile monitoring for Persons and Vehicles.
  • In-house Rental and Finance options.
  • Reactive & Proactive CCTV systems (analogue / Digital and IP systems).
  • Access Control systems (Card and Biometric finger print).
  • Alarm Intrusion systems.
  • Video Conference Systems.
  • All Television Distribution systems (designed Supplied and Installed).
Using Remote Risk Services Secure Off-Site Monitoring Centre to secure your Assets has the following advantages:   
1. The latest in Video Analytics software, will minimise installation, maintenance, false alarms and faulty detectors
2. Secure communications due to Direct Fibre into our Central Monitoring Station backed up by various wireless links to our ISP
3. PABX voice recording on all lines in/out of our Control Centre
4. Secure monitoring at our control room premises due to double brick walls with steel clad doors and biometric access control.
5. Staffing issues managed by Remote Risk Services (RRS) – 
  • Risk consultants are fully supervised and well managed to ensure absenteeism is controlled and there is a strict code of conduct that all RRS employees must adhere to. In the event of absenteeism, RRS will ensure the post is filled without any interruption to the monitoring service.
  •  Prospective employees are properly screened to ensure no history of dishonesty.
  • Pre-employment screening identifies the appropriate type of personality – conforming/ analytical/ detailed personality rather than the driven/ expressive Type.
  • Risk consultants undergo an extensive training programme which covers soft skills (to empathize with customers and to always remain calm under pressure) and product knowledge (to ensure that they are well versed in operating the monitoring software and to navigate their way around the customer site). This will ensure that they understand and handle all visual and audio alarms professionally.
6. Off-site monitoring eliminates staff collusion.
7. A complete audit trail of all alarms, consisting of audios and visuals with the corresponding response from the control centre, is kept at our Central Monitoring         Station (CMS).
8. All communications are conducted over secure channels that are fully redundant.
9. The local Police and Armed Response Services in their area our invited to visit our Video Monitoring Station. This will ensure that they have a clear              
        understanding of what is being monitored and the importance to act immediately to a call from RRS.
10. Video Alarms are received within 10 seconds into the CMS. Upon receiving an alarm we act immediately with audio to the site.
11. All person(s) and /or all vehicles at the site are checked in or out if clearance is given.
12. The control centre can be used to see staff or visitors safely to their vehicles.
13. The control center can be used to double lock doors, gates or safes to ensure extra security measures.
14. Sites, branches and dealerships can be monitored via your own personal PC at your own leisure.
15. System design can be customized to suit each client’s requirements and needs.

For more information speak to one of our salespeople and protect YOUR business.

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